Friday, October 7, 2016

Small Business Protection Again Ransomware

Small Business Protection Again Ransomware

There are a lot of system that can help you to protect again ransomware and it is up to your budget. Normally the small business doesn't have the resources for a systems that detect any threat through the email, web filtering on the machine, firewall, etc.

Now there a few things that normally can help the small companies to fight again ransomware:

  1. Backup - Yes backup is not expensive, you can have different options, the one that only backup some files for your shared folder and the one that backup the full image server. Depending of your needs and requirement you can chose. In my case I would recommend image backup of your server or workstation. One full backup and incremental backup. Shadow Protect is a good option.
  2. Good antivirus. One I like a lot is Webroot, low resources and fight pretty good again Ransomware. It protect specially when you are on internet.
  3. Run Windows updates. Your system needs to be patched and all your software updated like java.
  4. Common sense. Yes, this is very important, be careful where you go on internet, what file you open if somebody send you one by email. Normally I do not open a file if I did not ask for it, including if the file comes from my mother.
If you make the math, you will spend only in two things: backup solution and antivirus. I would not go through free backup, you need something automatic, unattendant backup. Set Windows updates automatic and pay attention what you do in your computer, read the alert that Windows or the antivirus tell you when there is a risk.

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