Sunday, January 10, 2016

How to Study for Certifications?

There are a lot of reasons why to study to get certifications, here we will analyze different ways how to get it, you choose what ever is best for you. We will consider videos training, books, classes, exam simulator and labbing.

1. Class or Self Study.

Yes, some people needs to have a teacher in front of them to teach them and guide them step by step, that's normally the traditional way to do it, and that's the way we study at the school. It worked for years with a lot of modifications. If you like to have a teacher is good, it is one of the best way to learn.

Now because when we try to get certifications and the money is tight and schedule difficult some others prefer to self study, now that has some challenges, require discipline, consistency and a lot of curiosity, yes a lot of them because nobody will explain you or give you tips, you will need to deep more and more, and if you do not understand something you will need to drill and drill until you get it. If you like self study then enjoy it.

2. Method: First Videos, second books, third exam simulator and lab (if there is any).

Yes some people prefer watch all the videos first to get an idea, then read the book one or two, after the book they begin to work with exam simulation and lab. According to them it is easy to for them comprehend all the material in this way. Is this right for you?

3. Method: First books, second videos, third exam simulation and lab (is there is any).

This is similar to the second method, now some people they feel that if they drill with the book, with the real meat and then they see the videos they will emphasize or understand something that they missed reading the books, then exam simulation or lab. Is this right for you?

4. Method: First video, second NO books, third exam simulator and lab (if there is any).

Really, some people expect to pass a certification on this way and I see a lot of them trying and failing the exam, you need the meat, the real knowledge of the books, the videos will show you some parts, normally they are between 4 to 15 hours, if they need to cover in detail more, the video would take more than 40 hours. Is this right for you?

5. Method: First books, second NO videos, third exam simulator and lab (if there is any).

Some people love to read the books and they feel videos are boring, that is the hard way and effective, they really want the meat and go for it, some of them after reading the books go online to keep learning more and more, and sometimes read two or three books for the same certification. Is this right for you?

6. Method: video, books, exam simulator and lab all of them at the same time.

Yes, this is one of the best method for a lot of people, the idea is to drill one domain at the time until you understand that domain, now this require patience to keep going because some domains are a little boring or take more time than expected. Now the key for this is that sometimes between domains you need do some review of the one you already study, and you can do it using the exam simulation or flash cards to keep the first knowledge fresh. Is this right for you?

Conclusion: Remember, everybody has his/her style, we learn differently, chose the one that it is best for you and  if you feel that the method you are choose is not working you can change it on the flight. We were designed to learn all the time, enjoy it.

If you have a different method and want to share it with us please put it on the forum, I would be glad to add it to this list.

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