Saturday, January 2, 2016

Certified Penetration Testing Engineer (CPTE) Training Series Mile2 review

This training Certified Penetration Testing Engineer Mile2 at Career Academy is good, the quality of the videos are great and the information is pretty good.

These videos will give you full idea of the basic knowledge you have to have to be a pentester, from here you have go deep in your expertise area.

Sure this training mention tools for Windows and Linux. Explain how Kali is the basic platform for a pentester and at the same time mention several tools in Windows, yes Windows OS that can be used to run attacks like Cain and Abel.

This is the list of videos:

  • Course 01 - Logistics of Pen Testing
  • Course 02 - Linux Fundamentals
  • Course 03 - Information Gathering
  • Course 04 - Detecting Live Systems
  • Course 05 - Enumeration
  • Course 06 - Vulnerability Assessments
  • Course 07 - Malware Goes Undercover
  • Course 08 - Windows Hacking
  • Course 09 - Hacking UNIX/Linux
  • Course 10 - Advanced Exploitation Techniques
  • Course 11 - Pen Testing Wireless Networks
  • Course 12 - Networks, Sniffing and IDS
  • Course 13 - Injecting the Database
  • Course 14 - Attacking Web Technologies
  • Course 15 - Project Documentation

The training begin with the basic, Logistic of the penetration testing, Linux fundamentals, the last one is very important because normally is the  basic knowledge for a pentester.

The more you know about your targets the better will be your success, that is the reason there are three videos for information gathering and enumeration, with details.

Something very interesting of these videos is that always mention the countermeasure, a lot of pentesters can explain you how they hacked the server or network, but they cannot explain how to fix it, really? These videos always will tell you how to protect it, I considered it like a bonus.

Windows and Linux hacking are good providing the surface attack for both platform.

Advanced exploitation techniques is great explaining how exploit works.

Wireless modules give you a lot of information about the technolgy and different attacks.

The theory in Chapter 12 Networks, Sniffing and IDS showed some very important tools and explain in theory how the IDS evasion works.

Lastly and not less important is the Project Documentation, what do we have to include and how not to make the IT or IT Security department you enemy, something very important if you really want to improve the security.

Conclusion: These videos are great but do not think you will be a pentester after you complete it, now you will need to practice and do the labs in the books in case you purchase them, in my case I did not have the change to put my hands on it.

Also remember, if you want to be a pentester practice, practice a little more and practice again, keep getting knowledge and go deep then you will be a good pentester.

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