Wednesday, January 21, 2015

ITIL Process

ITIL 2011 Process

  • Service Strategy
Objective: This process start an assessment what the customer needs and the market, then determine what services an IT organization will offer. The ultimate goal is to make to any IT company or organization to act in a strategic manner.

  • Service Design
Objective: This process focus in design new services, design the changes in existing services or improve them.

  • Service Transition
Objective: Build and deploy services designed for Service Design state, also make sure the changes in the services are carried out in a coordinate way without negative impact the business.

  • Service Operation
Objective: This is the day to day activity, to make sure the IT services are working effectively and efficiently. This include any user request, fixing problems and any failures. Also this include any operations task in the IT environment.

  • Continual Service Improvements - CSI
Objectives: This focus and continually improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the IT process and services, this process is continual.

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