Monday, November 24, 2014

Is it worth Certify Ethical Hacker from Eccouncil?

Everybody has that question in all the forums I visit, and the answer is DEPEND, why because there are a mix of feelings and misunderstanding for the certification CEH from Eccouncil.

This certification cover superficially a lot of material, this material is an introduction how to attack and defend a network, at the same time how to identify the type of attack we can run again a target.

If you know how a system is attacked you will know how to protect it.

Sure the information is too much, remember they require one year experience in security, why because you need to have previous knowledge to get most of this certification.

Look my case, I took CCNA, CCNA Security and CompTia Security+ plus Microsoft exams, all these knowledge help me to understand very easy different attacks and how to identify them. Yes it is a difficult exam for the amount of information, now if you have the right knowledge you will feel it very easy.

Now you need to practice a little bit, only memorizing the result of NMAP it will not help you to identify the ports really open in a target or avoid to be detected. Yes, for some techs are very easy, but remember you want to be a pentester or ethical hacker, you really need to know how to read the out come of your tools and set your attack vector.

So at the end if you put the effort, interest and you are motivated you will get CEH and for you will be WORTH, now if you only want the cert to get a job like any job it will be not worth for you, you will lose your job in the first round.

Get the certification for you and learn how to be a Pentest, require time and effort, at the end you will enjoy it a lot.

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