Saturday, May 18, 2013

Where are the password or word list in Kali

Last night I was looking for how to enumarate the list of directories in a web site, I was using Kali, normally in Back Track you look for in the /pentest folder and from there the right tool. Kali is a little different:



check the list 

Now let's see dirbuster: go to cd /usr/share/dirbuster and run ls -l 

Go inside of wordlists: cd wordlists and run ls -l again, you will find the directory list.

This is only for Dirbuster, now go to: /usr/share/wordlists and run ls -l again:

Keep going in the folder /usr/share and you will find your wordlist or list for your tools, happy hacking, remember only in your lab or with permission.


  1. Mithat ekşi is the one of the man.

  2. open vas vulnerability scanner is an open source scanner similer to nessus which is comercial version of this