Monday, May 20, 2013

How to enable Desktop Sharing in Kali

I have my own pentest lab, I installed a second copy of Kali in Hyper-V to keep running any dictionary attack, directory or files enumeration in a web server, etc, etc. Sure using Kali over Hyper-V is a little slow, so I enabled Desktop Sharing.

So let's have fun:

Open Applications > Internet > Desktop Sharing

 When you open it you will find different options, sure the first thing I recommend is: Require the user to enter this password: ************    You do not want to leave it in blank and somebody take your hacking machine and begin to use it illegally, no.

In my case I selected the following options, you can desire the ones you desire. Look!!! I cleared the option you must confirm each access to this machine, why? Because I am not over the Hypver-V and I will be accessing from my laptop.

Now you will need to download VNC viewer and try to connect from any Windows/Linux (GUI) machine:

 From there you can do what ever you want, second machine is good, because allow you to run tools that require time and processor without slowing down your main laptop/computer.

Happy hacking fun.

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