Saturday, May 4, 2013

How much can I hack?

Every time I go to I read the same question, Where to hack? How much to hack? And the answer is: DEPEND.

Yes, you can hack all what you want, practically is "all you can eat", but that's depend how willing you are to try harder and dedicate time to do it.

You have all the tools and they are free, but that not means that it is easy.

Online Lab

Yes, you can go to and sign up for an online lab and begin to attack different Windows and Linux targets with vulnerabilities and misconfiguration.


You have VMware, Virtualbox (I love it), Hyper-V (I begin to like a lot), etc, etc. All this can help you to create your own virtual lab, yep, you can do it with your laptop or home computer, but I recommend you to get another computer to install your virtual machines, why, because you are becoming a hacker (pentester) and everyday you will add more tools, other resources, will open more windows, will read more, and a little more and eventually your computer will becomes a little slow just running two virtual machines and sometimes Wireshark or IDS to check you attacks.

IDS? Yes, you will need to learn how to skip the alarms (stealth) to avoid detection, if you pass the IDS alarms you are becoming a good hacker.

Virtual Machines

There are plenty of web sites with ISO, VMware and Virtualbox machines where you can download them, install them and begin to play, these are the ones I love a lot:    -- A lot of targets -- This is for web applications

Attack Platform

Windows? Really, yes, there are plenty of tools in Windows to attack, just check the CEH training and you will see a lot of them. -- Yep, this is the gold one. - Backtrack replacement

And many more....

How much to hack? Depend how much you want.

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