Saturday, May 4, 2013

Attacking Metasploitable. Part 1. Scanning

I downloaded Metasploitable: 2 from this web site installed in my second computer with Windows 2012 and Hyper-V.

Target machine:

Attacker machine

I run TCP/UDP scan to try to get everything, it takes time, but remember you spend 95% of the time getting information of your target: reconnaissance, enumeration and scanning.

nmap -sV -sT -sU -p1-5535 -v T5

Did you notice I did aggressive scan?, yes, I am in my own LAN, so I will not lose time, also I will show you in the next picture only the result:

Now the fun begin, lets attack the machine using Metasploit.


  1. hey how did you set up Metasploitable: 2 in hyper-v? cause i cannot seem to get eth0 to come up

    1. Use a legacy network adapter and it should come up.