Thursday, April 11, 2013

Export Virtual box machine to VMWare for your Pentest lab

Some time we think that just follow the wizard we can export and import the virtual machines and it is done very easy for our pentest lab, but it is not always that the case. We are hackers and we need to think a little different to make the system work.

Virtual box has a tool to export to OVF format and then import to VMWare, many time you get a lot of error saying that VMware doesn't support "Description", etc, etc.

First we need to download one tool from VMWare called it ovftool, you can download it from here.

Now we use Virtual box to export to OVA file, choose Export Appliance:

Select the virtual machine you want to export:

Select where to save it:

With this export we will get some fails in the import, so we will use a ovftool from VMWare to convert to ofv file and later we will import the hard drive:

C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware OVF Tool>ovftool --lax e:\export\dms-apps.ova e:\export\second\dms-apps.ofv

After this is done, go to VMWare and create a Vritual machine without a virtual hard drive, later upload the virtual hard drive in the VMWare and add it to the virtual machine, boot the machine and you can add the VMWare tools, etc, etc.

This worked between Intel and AMD processors (different platform).

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